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I’ve been in perimenopause for the last few years. It probably started when I was 38 or 39, but it’s hard to say. I went to three OBGYN practitioners who failed to diagnose me with early perimenopause, as if it were some rare, hard to identify condition rather than something that every woman experiences. When I was diagnosed, it was by my primary care physician. My husband and I ran to a fertility specialist, but it was already too late. My eggs had mostly flown the coup.

Menopause, and perimenopause, are strange. Not because they’re rare, but because no one…

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Yesterday, I made bread.

I’ve been meaning to make bread for a long time. One of my oldest and dearest friends gave me and my husband the Tassajara Bread Book for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I’ve been trying to find time to bake bread ever since. I didn’t even realize that I’ve been trying to find the time for the past two years until yesterday, when I finally baked the bread.

Baking bread takes time. The recipe for the basic Tassajara bread includes making a sponge, which rises for 45 minutes, kneading the dough and letting it…

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No one tells you how to be middle aged. It just happens one day. You wake up and realize that you’ve lived half of your life. For most of your life, your life was ahead of you — a mystery, an unknown variable. You could be anything, do anything. You had so much time left, you couldn’t even imagine living past 30.

And then you did. And you lived further. And some of your friends died. A shocking number of your friends had cancer. You tried to reach out more, and you became a better friend, and you let go…

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If you are not familiar with the controversy around American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, here’s a quick recap. The author, who has identified as white, but also as Latinx, has been accused of racism and stereotyping Mexican culture. She has been accused of cashing in on her Puerto Rican heritage to boost sales. She did four years of research for her book, and was inspired, evidently, by a brief moment crossing the border into Mexico and being detained.

She had to cancel her book tour due to death threats.

One of the big problems leading to this controversy has been…

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